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Experience and Reliability


EiT provides experienced and reliable installation and dismantling services for your trade show booth. We have a proven track record and every member of our team has over five years of experience in installation and dismantling.



Convenient Central Location


EiT is centrally located in Toronto, Ontario, less than 45 minutes from the major trade show venues: The International Centre, Toronto Congress Centre, Metro Toronto Convention Centre, and Enercare Centre (formerly known as Direct Energy Centre). For trade shows outside the GTA, EiT services are also available throughout southern Ontario.



A Good Start


A photo of an EiT staff member unloading booth materials from a truck.


Our “stress free” experience begins with the option to ship your booth directly to our warehouse prior to your scheduled “move in” date. When your shipment arrives we send you a confirmation. We carefully check your shipment to make sure it has arrived in good shape and let you know immediately if any physical damage to shipping cartons or crates is evident. After inspection, EiT will ensure that your booth is delivered to the designated trade show venue on time.



Ready, Set, Go


A photo showing staff laying down carpet during a trade show booth installation.    Photo of staff member finishing the installation of a trade show booth


Once your booth has been installed, EiT will email you a confirmation that includes a photo of the completed display. Your EiT team is just an email or phone call away to help with any last minute exhibit changes or needs.



Peace of Mind


Your booth is assigned to the same team member(s) for both installation and dismantling. We recognize that your booth must be set-up efficiently and to your satisfaction. From experience, we also know that your booth should be dismantled with care and re-packed expertly so that it is returned in the same condition as it was received.



A Successful Finish


When the trade show is over and EiT has completed the dismantling and repacking of your booth, it will be returned to our warehouse. EiT will then execute your pre-arranged completion plan and arrange for your booth to be shipped back to you or forwarded elsewhere. Once your designated carrier has picked up your shipment, we will send you a confirmation.




                          Canadian Bridal Show 

                Metro Toronto Convention Center 

                                     Sep 8-10


                                   Profile Show 

                         Toronto Congress Center

                                      Sep 10-13


                             CARO Conference

                                 Hilton Toronto 

                                   Sep 13-15


                             CAO Conference 

                             Royal York Hotel

                                  Sep 14-16


                            OAMC Conference

                         Westin Harbour Castle

                                 Sep 14-17



                        The International Center

                                  Sep 17-18


          Immigrant Women`s Small Business Expo

                Metro Toronto Convention Center 

                                      Sep 17


                                Bilingual Job Fair 

                   One King West Hotel & Residence

                                      Sep 20


                             Baby Show Toronto

                               Enercare Center

                                   Sep 23-24


                  Advance Manufacturing Canada

                         Conference & Exhibiton

                         The International Center

                                Sep 25-28


                           BOMEX Conference

                Metro Toronto Convention Center

                                   Sep 27-28


                      Critical Care Forum Canada

                         Sheraton Center Toronto

                                     Oct 1-4



                         The Royal York Hotel 

                                    Oct 11-14


                                SIBOS 2017

                 Metro Toronto Convention Center

                                   Oct 16-19



                  Canadian Wirerless Trade Show

                  The Toronto International Center

                                    Oct 17-18



                         Security Canada Expo

                       Toronto Congress Centre

                                   Oct 18-19




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